The Oil

Ensure the motor is cold. With certain vehicles, the automaker suggests that the oil be checked after the motor has been heated up. Check your manual.


Check the coolant level while the motor is cool or tepid. On the off chance that you have driven the vehicle given the motor a chance to cool for a few hours.

Try not to leave the motor running when you check the radiator liquid level or when the motor is hot.

Power-controlling liquid

Unscrew the top from the motor repository, and check the dipstick. Wipe off the top and repository before evacuating.

Tire Pressure

Utilize a reliable tire compel measure to check tires before you’ve driven or possibly three hours after you’ve driven.

Tire Tread

Addition a penny into your track groove with Lincoln’s head topsy turvy and confronting you. In the event that you can see the entirety of Lincoln’s head, it’s a great opportunity to supplant your tires.


Shrieking, pounding or clicking commotions while applying the brakes.

Vehicle destroys to the other side while braking.

Low brake pedal almost contacts the floor before connecting with or must apply extraordinary strain to the pedal before brakes lock in.

Brakes get at the smallest touch to the pedal.

Brake pedal vibrates or heartbeats, significantly under ordinary braking conditions.

Brake light is lit up on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Arrangement – The three factors that influence arrangement are toe-in, camber and caster.

The best tip-off to a toe issue is a saw-tooth wear design that is equivalent on both front tires. On the off chance that the track squares point toward the casing, at that point toe-in is over the top; pointing outward demonstrates an excessive amount of toe-out.

Two pointers of camber issues are the vehicle destroying to the other side and uneven tire wear.

Many front-wheel-drive vehicles don’t have camber alterations, and out-of-spec camber here frequently demonstrates bowed or worn parts.

An intimation to caster issues is the vehicle destroying to the other side. Overwhelming directing and wheel bouncing over knocks are indications of a lot of positive caster, and light guiding however extreme meander are an excess of negative caster.

Front light execution levels accompany an assortment of decisions accessible available.

More splendid helps street perceivability or more white light improves difference and assists drivers with recognizing objects.

It’s imperative to supplant headlights in sets of two. They diminish over their lifetime, another bulb matched with an old bulb will make an uneven field of vision.

Electrical framework/Battery

On the off chance that your battery is the sort that should be finished off, check it normally. Include refined water when important.

On the off chance that headlights and inside lights diminish, adornments neglect to work, or the “check motor” or battery light lit up there could be lost current stream.